Tips for Winning Sweepstakes

Yes, real people actually do win those sweepstakes that you see everywhere. I know, as I have won 7 luxury trips, appliances, cash, and even a brand new van. Sweepstakes are for real, and you are very likely to win a nice prize if you simply follow some of my tips below.

Imagine winning an all expense paid trip for your family.... If you follow these tips, you really can start winning some very nice prizes within a few months time.

By following these tips, you can build up to winning a prize almost every day, or even win 2 or 3 prizes on one day! (I know, as this has happened to me.) Read the tips below, and see how you can start your own winning streak!

Consistancy - I would have to say that the #1 thing you have to do to start your winning streak is to enter something every single day. This is a must. Do not let a day pass without entering at least one sweepstakes. I try to enter at least 5 sweepstakes every day, either online sweepstakes, mail-in sweepstakes, or even by dropping an entry in a box somewhere.
Choose Wisely - Look at the odds, rather than the prize. Sure, a million dollars would be wonderful, but if that is the only prize offered, chances are that you won't win. Try to enter sweepstakes that have lots of prizes and/or will draw fewer entrys. (less competition) Sweeps that end fast, ones that are hard to enter, ones that have restricted areas or are obscure; all of these things will result in fewer entrys and greater chances for you to win!
Enter Often - If you find a sweepstakes that meets some of the conditions above, and you like the prize, go for it and enter often! Make sure to read all the rules, but if it allows you to enter as often as you want, be sure to enter a lot. If you keep track of the good ones, and enter them every day, there is no doubt in my mind that you, too, will start winning nice prizes regularly and often.

(Get started today by entering the above sweepstakes!)